Railroads and Customer Service are not synonymous in the same sentence. Although railroads in general have improved customer service in many ways over the last 10 years it’s safe to say most shippers have a love hate relationship with their carrier. One point of contention that never goes away is car supply. Shippers want railcar availability and railroads are known to have network constrictions from time to time that unfortunately can cripple shippers. The best solution is for the shipper to own or lease railcars. One advantage of railcar leasing is the shipper can save their capital for their core business while staying flexible on capital assets.

In most cases shippers do not have a say in which rail carrier services them, however, who they lease or buy a railcar from is up for debate. Most railcar leasing companies provide a commodity product (“railcar”) whereas, Everest Railcar Services, Inc., provides the lost art of customer service in the rail industry. Customer Service is not a buzz word here but a way of doing business and is the number one reason the vast majority of our growth comes from existing customers. Our commitment to service does not end once the product is delivered but continues throughout our relationship.

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