Everest Railcar Services, Inc. is the leading provider of gondola railcars for lease and sale. Gondolas are a strong, durable, and rugged option for the transport of a variety of different materials.

Whether you need a gondola train car for sale or lease, we can provide you with the right options. Our inventory includes a fleet of the best gondolas that are specifically constructed to be loaded and unloaded from the top side of the car. These robust and efficient railcars vary in size from 2000-8000 cu.ft. Additionally, gondolas may have flat or tub bottoms and they can be constructed of a strong aluminum or steel welded body.



With the gondola railcar, you can securely transport materials of all types across great distances. In addition, these fully featured railcars can come equipped with rotary couplers to ensure high-speed unloading. For the maximum efficiency in transport, a gondola car is an ideal solution.

When you need the best quality railcars, look no further than Everest Railcar Services, Inc. We stand behind the quality of our railcars and always aim to exceed your expectations. Contact us to learn more about the gondola railcar options we have for lease or sale.


  • Mill Gondolas – 2244-3,150 cu.ft. – Low Sided Gondola heavily used for steel products
  • High Side Gondolas – 3,800-4,200 cu.ft. – Cars have a larger capacity and can move coal and ligher density scrap
  • Large Cube Gondolas – 5000-7,000 cu.ft. – Used for low density products such as cotton seed

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