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As the industry’s premier railcar leasing company, we offer a complete range of railcars for sale or lease at industry-leading value. For over 20 years, we’ve helped customers to take control of their supply chain with strategic rail solutions and we specialize in serving mid-sized companies seeking smaller transactions in the range of 10-50 railcars.



  • Sizes ranging from 2,700 to 6,500 cu. ft.
  • Comes in gravity or pneumatic gate release
  • Pressure differential covered hopper options
  • Inquire for custom configurations


  • All options non-intermodal
  • Sizes range from 60 to 89 feet
  • Options available with or without bulkheads
  • Steel or wood decks available
  • Inquire for custom configuration


  • Capacity options ranging from 2000 – 8000 cu. ft. 
  • Mill Gondolas in 52’ and 65’ options
  • High Side Gondolas ranging from 4000 -4240 cu. ft. 
  • Flat and tub bottoms available
  • High-efficiency rotary couplers available for fast unloading


  • Capacities ranging from 2,300 – 5000+ cu. ft.
  • Top-load cars with manual or pneumatic unloading options


  • General-purpose and pressure tank options available
  • 20,000 – 33,500 gallon capacities available
  • Available with insulation, steam coils, inner lining options
  • Specialty configurations are also available

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52′ Mill Gondolas

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  Typing Gondola into Google will probably lead you to this Wikipedia page for Gondolas. Or you may be lucky enough to land here: Gondogola.  It's hard not to smile when looking at the Gondogola.  If you are reading this then you are looking for 4 walls and a floor...
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New Mill Gondolas

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Recently Everest Railcar Services added new 52'6" mill gondolas to our fleet. The new gondolas were built in Roanoke, VA by Freightcar America. With larger volumes and greater load limits compared to older generation cars these new gondolas will help reduce overall customer shipping costs. Our "EAMX 2751" series gondolas...
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Railroad Industry Indexes

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The rail industry publishes a multitude of data that provides insight to the state of transportation sector and our economy in general. We believe two indexes that are a direct negative correlation are Railroad Velocity and Carloads Originated. Railroad Velocity is the average speed of trains on a particular railroad....
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As one of the leading railcar leasing companies, we go above and beyond to ensure the quality of our railcars. We serve a wide range of different clients and we strive to keep up with the rigorous demands of each industry by supplying high-capacity railcars for export and transport services. Our commitment to quality service makes us one of the most trusted railroad car leasing companies.