52′ Mill Gondolas


Typing Gondola into Google will probably lead you to this Wikipedia page for Gondolas. Or you may be lucky enough to land here: Gondogola.  It’s hard not to smile when looking at the Gondogola.  If you are reading this then you are looking for 4 walls and a floor on wheels which describe rail gondolas to a T. Rail Gondolas are the workhorse of the rail industry for many commodities not limited to scrap steel, aggregates, poles, coal, and many other commodities.

Union Pacific Railroad has a great page on historical facts and other misc. info concerning Gons.  Our new “EAMX 4400” series Gons have a cubic capacity of 4400 Cu Ft and a load limit of around 215,000 lbs.  Our gondolas are designed to carry heavy bulk commodities such as granite and lighter-density material such as aluminum scrap.  We offer a wide range of Gondolas to carry a wide range of commodities. Reach out if you would like to know more about our railcar fleet.

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